We’re a team of three professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience. We combine those and offer you the best of all worlds. We are all available to assist and you’ll find that we put our aces in their places! You are part of the team too. We listen, communicate and are proactive based on what we’re hearing from you!


During this time Paul Kiger will lead the charge with the help of either Sarah or Sharon. Paul is excellent at evaluating homes for both value and positioning. Sarah or Sharon, as co-agent, provide support in analyzing recent sales data, background research and making staging recommendations.

Listing Period

Your listing goes live after every detail is checked. All three of us work very hard on this part of the process. From writing the creative copy, to uploading pictures and producing marketing materials you’ll have the input and expertise of all three Paul Kiger Group Team Members. Showing appointments and showing feedback are coordinated by your co-agent or through our main desk. You will always know before any agent is showing your home. A monthly review of your listing is the responsibility of our Director of Operations, Sarah. She will provide an updated report on comparative sales as well as new competition. This information will help you and Metro Group evaluate the need for any change in the marketing position, promotion or pricing.

The Transaction Period

Paul Kiger again leads the charge when it comes to negotiating offers. Negotiating is one of his greatest skills. Once your offer has been accepted, Sarah Ring, takes over to oversee all the many clerical details involved with getting you to the closing table.

Paul Kiger Group is focused on great communication and attention to detail. You’ll have three strong agents overseeing the sale of your home from start to finish. While each of us plays a role as described above, we are also all cross-trained to service each and every client in every way. In the end, you get 3 for 1! You’ll have full access to the whole team and the whole team is available to address any situation that arises.